Our Process

Before a hammer falls, you have the comfort of knowing the process, the schedule, and the costs. In other words: NO SURPRISES.

The following is our process statement. If you have any questions after reading this, please call us at (952) 512-0110 or email us.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry Roelofs and the staff of Roelofs Remodeling on two very different projects. One was a very complex remodel of a 113 year old home

Julie Janes
Minneapolis, MN


First comes your needs analysis…

We meet with you to determine the project parameters. We discuss your wants and needs, space and function requirements, as well as establish your priorities and style expectations. Then we candidly discuss communication style and budget goals to help us both determine if we are well-suited to work together.

Then we develop your conceptual plans…

We execute our project development agreement with the budget target and deposit. Next we survey and measure your existing house to develop as-built drawings and review zoning and construction issues.

We develop options that will satisfy your design requirements and align with the budget. In addition, we do some preliminary cost analysis based upon similar projects. Then we present those options and preliminary numbers to you for review and discussion.

We further develop the details from your approved concept…
We flesh out the details from your approved concept (example: option A with the cabinetry from option B), develop detailed drawings, and have the site inspected by the relevant sub-contractors on the project to make sure we don’t miss anything.

We work through the selection process with you at your level of comfort. We also confirm design and construction details to develop the plan the way you want it to look and perform.

Your detailed contracts and specifications arrive…

With hard numbers from sub-contractors and suppliers, and our own estimating process, we generate detailed contractual and specification documents that spell out what you are buying as well as what we are selling. Our goal for you is clarity.

Based on your selections, we include definitions of your requirements such as these examples:

  • Allowance for hardwood flooring in a specified amount
  • Install 2 inch cabin grade maple laid on the diagonal with three coats of water-based polyurethane in the Family Room and Kitchen.

We would also spell out the payment schedule and approximate time lines for completion. Again, our goal for you is clarity. You will know exactly what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and why.

The construction process begins…

Our construction process proceeds on two fronts. One part is helping you finalize your selections. And then prepare you for what to expect in terms of inconvenience and emotional frustration.

The other part is developing a detailed work plan and schedule. This assures the right people arrive on the right day with the right tools and the right information.

At our pre-construction meeting, we finalize with you our process and who does what when. And for your comfort and security, we introduce you to all the members of the team. We then:

  • Set up our weekly progress meeting
  • Decide where we can park
  • Establish where to put the lumber and dumpster
  • Finalize any other details and answer concerns

Then we deliver on what we promise, keeping you posted on progress and necessary decisions. We share in your excitement and anticipation as well as your concerns and frustrations. And we deliver value, confidence, comfort and security.