Design/Build Remodeling

What is design/build?

Design/build was developed in the construction industry as a way to speed the delivery of finished projects. It’s a process where design services and construction services are married in one firm. Having an in-house design service creates efficiencies and economies that provide benefits to both you and the remodeling contractor.

I was and remain extremely pleased with Roelofs’ work. The project started on time, ended when expected and is beautiful! Jerry is a great designer. He shared with me

Susan Humiston
Minneapolis, MN

How does Roelofs Remodeling do Design/Build?

We bring our design and construction team together at the beginning of the design development process to evaluate your entire wish list. It allows us to bring our interior designer and landscape designer into the process at the start so the entire team is focused on the whole project, not just their specific portion. These are the same people who will work with you throughout your project creating strong relationships that add value and smooth the way.

What are the benefits to me?

No delays! With one source for both design and construction, the design and cost estimating are performed on parallel tracks. No time is wasted time by creating and approving the design first and then having to send out for construction bids.

No surprises! The design/build process is more cost effective because the design objectives are influenced by the cost objectives. No time or investment is lost in pursuing designs that cannot be attained within your budget targets.  In addition, sub-contractors and suppliers provide input during the design process to ensure that the design meets their requirements and stays within budget.

No disappointments! With the integration of design/build, cost versus value has been considered in the design so the project is shaped to the size, features and finishes you desire. You enjoy a sense of confidence and teamwork developing a design solution that fits your dreams and lifestyle.