Construction Management

Residential Construction Management

Design/build is not always a good match for some clients or certain types of projects. Perhaps the project has been designed for you by an out of town architect, or maybe it’s a project with too many variables or unknowns to be defined by a fixed price or “stipulated sum contract.”

With projects of this type, design often occurs while the construction is going on (build the addition, we’ll figure out what the kitchen looks like week after next).

We can manage a project of this type where the price of the project is based on the cost of all the elements, (materials, labor, sub-contractors) plus a fixed percentage of the cost. This kind of contract is called a “cost-plus contract,” or the costs plus a fixed fee stated at the beginning of the contract.

Both types of contracts require added levels of trust so that everyone is treated fairly. Our systems allow for the added financial reporting necessary to maintain that trust. We bring all of our project management and scheduling skills to the process. We oversee and deliver the same high level project outcome with the added benefit of complete financial reporting for you or your project.