Home renovation and remodeling requires knowledge, facts, and answers. This is a great place to start. While you’re looking through the FAQs, remember that Roelofs Remodeling does Renovations and Remodeling, Insurance Restoration and Repair, Construction Management and Handyman Services.

  • Q: What areas do you work in?
    Lake Minnetonka, Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Minnetonka and South Minneapolis are our primary areas. We prefer to work in these areas because:

    • We live here
    • We know and understand the people who live here
    • We understand the houses in this area because we’ve worked on these homes for so many years
    • We’re accustomed to the high standards of people who live here
  • Q: What is design/build remodeling?
    In our case, that means the team at Roelofs Remodeling, led by Jerry Roelofs, owner of the firm, will consult with you, design the project, and oversee the construction process. Design/build is a process where design services and construction services are married in one firm. Having an in-house design service creates efficiencies and economies that provide benefits to both the client and the remodeling contractor.

    With one source for both design and construction, the process is faster because design and cost estimating are performed on parallel tracks, without the wasted time of design that is completed and sent out for bids. No delays!

    With one source for design and construction, the process is more cost effective because the cost data influences the design objectives so that no time or investment is lost in pursuing designs that cannot be attained within the budget targets. Sub-contractors and suppliers provide input during the design process to ensure that the design meets their requirements and stays within budget. No surprises!

    With one source for design and construction, the client benefits from the integration of design/build because:

    • design options considered have cost/value attached
    • the project can be shaped to the size, features and finishes of the client with only one person to work with
    • a sense of confidence and teamwork develops between the home owner and the remodeler
    • a design solution is created that fits your dreams and lifestyle

    Contact us to learn more or call (952) 512-0110.

  • Q: Why should we remodel?
    There are many reasons to remodel. First, if your home no longer serves your needs but you love where you live, remodeling is the obvious choice.

    Another good reason is the children have gone and you want to “personalize” your home. Or perhaps you’d like to “freshen up” your home to reflect other changes in your life. Sometimes, a friend remodels their home and you see the possibilities in your home. And of course, you might walk into your kitchen or bathroom one morning and realize it looks straight out of the 70’s!

    Other possibilities include you are thinking of selling your home and it doesn’t reflect the kind of value people are looking for today. Or maybe your budget or the economy says you can’t afford to sell right now but you want a nicer home. Remodeling your current home is your best option.

    Lastly, you watched a “home improvement” show on TV and had a sudden epiphany of what your home could be. Then it’s definitely time to contact us or call (952) 512-0110.

  • Q: How do we start the process?
    How do we start the process?
    A great way to get started is to visit our gallery page to see what other people have accomplished, and then download our free Interactive Remodeling Planner and start getting some of your ideas on paper. Then schedule a meeting.

    After contacting us, we start the process with a no cost meeting and interview at your home. This is where we get to know you and answer your questions about who we are and how we work. We then look around your home with you, listening to your hopes and plans for your home and the project you are considering. We ask questions to clarify expectations.  We talk candidly about:

    • your special needs and wants
    • your budget and timeline
    • the project outcome you desire

    If you agree that we are a good match for your project and your style and that our process can deliver on your expectations, we execute a project development agreement to do conceptual project design and preliminary cost estimates for a target budget. There is a fee for this work based upon the type and size of project.

  • Q: How much will it cost?
    The biggest unknown for people as they contemplate remodeling is “How much will it cost?”  We understand the importance of that question and we work to address it at every opportunity.

    At our first meeting with you, we will talk candidly about your budget for the project, what investment you are willing to make to obtain your objectives.  We can talk about costs of similar projects and so you can see for yourself if your expectations are realistic or not.

    If we proceed into our process, a project budget is created as part of our Project Development Agreement to act as a target. At every design meeting, revisions of design generate revisions of budget.  When the plan and selections are complete, we proceed with a detailed fixed price proposal that you can count on.

    One of our strengths as a company is our ability to evaluate different options and their impact on the finished project and the final cost.

    Our goal from the very first meeting is to remodel your home, not just develop plans for it. We will use our best efforts to present all the creative solutions for the design challenge your project presents. Then we will show you solutions that fit your expectations and your budget.

    Why not contact us right now for a free consultation? (952) 512-0110

  • Q: How long will it take?
    It is difficult to say how long a project will take because of all the variables involved with a project.

    There are three parts to any remodeling project:

    • The design phase
    • The selection phase
    • The construction phase

    The design and budgeting phase can vary widely based upon the complexity and size of the project as well as your ability to focus and make decisions. A Kitchen design can be complete in three weeks or it can take three months if you travel for work or have lots of kid or social activities vying for your attention.

    The selection phase where specific materials and fixtures are chosen is subject to the same time pressures as the design phase. We prefer that upon approval of design concept, selections begin in earnest while the detailed plans and final numbers are determined. We will give you:

    • a selection sheet listing all the items that require your selections
    • places and people to visit to make those decisions
    • a timeline for making them

    We will travel with you to assist if you would like, or we can bring all the selections to you for your approval based upon your needs and time constraints.

    The construction phase is the easiest to project if design and selections have all been approved. Complexity, detail and size of project all affect the duration, but because of our decades of experience, we can estimate that “typical, standard level of finish” project times follow:

    • KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS: Average construction time 6 to 10 weeks.
    • ADDITIONS: Average construction time 10 to 14 weeks.
    • DECKS AND PORCHES: Average construction time 3 to 6 weeks.
    • LOWER LEVEL FINISHES: Average construction time 6 to 10 weeks.
    • WHOLE HOUSE MAKEOVERS: Average construction time 20 to 28 weeks.
  • Q: What will my house be worth when you are done?
    The value that a remodeling project adds to an existing house varies greatly based upon the neighborhood, age and condition of the house as well as the execution of the project.

    Adding a bedroom and bath to a two-bedroom house in a neighborhood of larger three bedroom homes has a greater value or return on investment than adding the same bedroom and bath to the largest, most expensive home on the block.  Likewise, a shabby kitchen remodel will add little in a neighborhood of neat, similarly priced homes.

    Cost versus value

  • Q: How do we compare project costs?
    If you have estimates for a project from more than one contractor, it is really almost impossible to “compare” costs. There are too many variables involved:

    • The quality of workmanship
    • The quality of materials
    • The quality of the sub-contractors
    • Time constraints
    • Whether the remodeler is local or is traveling to your residence from somewhere outstate

    A better idea is to look at your budget. If all the contractors are within your budget, compare the contractors. Because in the end, what really matters is whether you are happy with the results. That is the only way your expenditure will feel justified.

  • Q: How do we compare remodeling contractors?
    You need to compare remodeling contractors by interview and by doing your homework.

    When you meet with a remodeler or representative, ask about:

    • Type and scope of work they are most familiar with
    • Do they do their own design work or farm it out?
    • Ask for references on complete projects and currently under construction
    • Call and talk to their clients – most will be willing to share their experiences
    • Visit a completed project if possible
    • Find out about the warranty the company provides and about insurance coverage for General Liability and Workers’ Compensation
    • Ask who will be doing the work on your home – employees of the company or sub-contractors managed by the company?
    • Check on things like industry affiliations – what associations do they belong to and participate in?
    • Check with the Department of Commerce – Is their license current?  Are there any complaints on file with the department of commerce or the Better Business Bureau?

    You are looking for a remodeler who:

    • is established
    • has a track record of professional service
    • has a reputation for delivering on their clients’ expectations
    • is trustworthy with a communication that matches your style
    • is someone you like and respect.
  • Q: What size projects do you do?
    We do design/build projects from a single bathroom to a whole house renovation.  We have the management systems in place to schedule tightly the small detailed project in the corner of your home or to manage and schedule the multiple sub-contractors and suppliers necessary to rebuild your home from the ground up.

    We also have a Small Projects/Handyman division that handles repairs as small as replacing a failed window, new handrails on an existing deck or installing new trim and decorative molding to make your home a reflection of who you are.

  • Q: What kind of warranty do you provide?
    What kind of warranty do you provide?
    We provide one of the leading warranties in the remodeling industry.  Called the Remodelers’ Limited Warranty, a summary of its coverage follows:

    • One year – everything is covered (We make an inspection in the 11th month to assess all required repairs necessary for nail pops, cracking, etc.)
    • Two Years – All mechanical installations to the extent that they are modified due to remodeling.
    • Ten Years – Warranty on structural revisions and installation

    Also for your protection, we use arbitration for warranty related issues for an added level of security.

  • Q: What should we expect when we remodel our home?
    It depends on the size of the project but almost any home remodel involves a disruption of your daily lives. We wish it wasn’t so but any changes being made to a home requires people and products moving in and out, the noise of tools and workmen, and the loss of use of certain parts of your home during your remodel.

    Roelofs Remodeling goes to great lengths to minimize your life disruption, noise, and construction dust. We put up plastic curtains to contain the dust, our workmen wear special clothing to minimize the impact on your home, and we work with you to establish schedules that, if possible, work around your daily requirements.

    Sometimes, it can require that you leave the home for certain periods of time in the case of a roof removal or other drastic changes to the home.

  • Q: How do we pay for it?
    As part of our initial quote, that question is worked out between yourself and Roelofs Remodeling. We are willing to work with you and consult with you to help you decide what types of financing works best for you.

    Now to help your renovation get started, visit our Tools You Can Use page for helpful downloads, useful links and free Remodeling Help Guides to make your part of the remodeling process easier.

    Or take your dreams to the Project Gallery to see how we’ve made other people’s dreams a reality…