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Roelofs Remodeling & Renovation, Inc. was founded in 1966 under the name Ken Roelofs Construction. The company was a high level custom homebuilder with a solid reputation for delivering value to people who wanted to build a new home.

As the years passed, both the reputation and the list of satisfied customers grew. Some past clients had the company build a larger home for them. Of course, as families grew or changed, former clients would ask us add-to or update the homes that the company had built for them years ago.

New homes were built by sub-contract crews, but remodeling required a more hands-on approach, working in the houses of people we knew. So the remodeling division was born.

Out of the learning experience of remodeling for our friends, a process was developed to minimize frustration and inconvenience for them. A process we use to this day – because it works. And, of course, we provided careful construction and top quality materials to match the original home.

Jerry Roelofs joined his father, Ken, and the company in 1978 coming from another industry. Together, they managed construction of new homes but did remodeling work themselves. In the process, they learned more each day about the impact that remodeling had on families but also experiencing the rewards that a successful remodeling project delivered to their client – a striking new bathroom, a spacious, sun-lit kitchen or a comfortable family room.

Jerry became a partner in 1980 and the remodeling side of the business grew with Jerry doing architectural design and Ken doing sales and production management. The remodeling side of the business became so successful that in 1983 a commitment was made to change the business model with remodeling becoming the primary focus of the business and new home building taking second position.

The company always believed in giving back to the industry. Ken served on several industry committees and finally as President of the Minneapolis Builders Association in 1983.

Jerry served on the Board of Directors of the Home Owners Warranty Corporation for several years. He also served as treasurer and then Chairman of the Parade of Homes. Jerry became Chairman of the Remodelers’ Home Showcase and then President of the Twin City Remodelers’ Council. He was then elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry where he served until 2006; holding several positions including that of President.

When asked why so much time is spent volunteering for industry groups and associations, Jerry said there were several reasons. First and foremost is giving back to the industry that has provided a livelihood, sharing what has been learned with others.

Second and also very important is to actively press upward the level of professionalism and integrity in the industry. The license number held by Roelofs Remodeling & Renovation, Inc. is #1095. That means it was the 95th company to be licensed in the State of Minnesota. This company has a long history.

In 1995, the name of the company was changed to Roelofs Remodeling & Renovation, Inc. The new name reflected a partner’s buy-out, a father’s retirement and a renewed focus on who and what this company does.

In 1996, Roelofs Remodeling was named a Big 50 Remodeler by Remodeling Magazine, the same year that it won the first of many Remodeler of Merit Awards.

This company is rich with tradition and the tradition continues.  Through the years, many things have changed within this company. Technological advancements, increases in productivity and the tools used for the work performed. But some things have never and will never change:

  • The focus on our clients and the responsibility we take working in their home
  • the value we deliver in design and construction
  • the value we place on our people, their skills and their family life.

We can never separate the work that we do from the people that do it.  We work in the homes where people live their lives, share their joys and sorrows, raise their children and hold hands in their retirement.  We work in an arena where the currency is trust. Our success comes from exceeding your expectations.