Lake Calhoun and Southwest Suburb Residents:
Are you wondering, “What should I do, how much
will this cost, and whom do I trust?”

Home remodeling and renovation in Lake Calhoun, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Harriet, Minnetonka and South Minneapolis has been our only focus for three generations. And we created the “what we do” page for you so you’ll understand:

  • How our design process works
  • How we work with you
  • Why so many people have trusted us for the last forty years with their remodeling projects…
Jerry had very creative ideas about how to improve our kitchen.  The team was pleasant and the project turned out very well.
Skip and Marcia Smith
Mound, MN


Our process begins with you…

At our first meeting, we explore your needs and goals. We listen, ask questions, discuss options and look for creative solutions. And we carefully explain what you can expect from Roelofs Remodeling & Renovation. For more details, explore our Process page…

The next step in the design process balances your homes existing lines and proportions with your personal likes and lifestyle. Before the process is finished you’ll have:

  • Preliminary design outlines to guide you through the process
  • A detailed budget so you can monitor costs
  • Precise architectural plans – we’ll help you understand them
  • Project schedules created around your lifestyle requirements
  • A finished proposal complete with selected products, finishes and materials

In other words, not a single hammer falls until you are comfortable with what you’re getting, how much it will cost, and how and when it will get finished. Learn more about our process. Visit our FAQ page or call us at (952) 512-0110. Or if you’re ready to get things started…

You are protected by a Written Warranty

We provide one of the leading warranties in the remodeling industry.  Called the Remodelers’ Limited Warranty, a summary of its coverage follows:

One year – everything is covered (We make an inspection in the 11th month to assess all required repairs necessary for nail pops, cracking, etc.)

Two Years – All mechanical installations to the extent that they are modified due to remodeling.

Ten Years – Warranty on structural revisions and installation

Also for your protection, we use arbitration for warranty-related issues for an added level of security.

For remodeling and renovation around Minnetonka, South Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun, call Roelofs Remodeling and Renovation at (952) 512-0110 or email us.

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